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Building Stones

The stone we sell for Building has been used on many new build houses, barn conversions, road hedges and garden landscaping projects. Most of these projects are local, but over the years we have sold stone all over the country.
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Hedging Stone

Large Sized stones suitable for field and road hedges built with earth.

Hedging Stone

Small Hedging Stone

Smaller sized stones for garden hedges and walls built using earth. Cement can also be used in the construction of the walls using the small hedging stone.

Walling Stone

Stones suitable for upright walls built with cement. Stones vary in size from 4″ to 8″ on bed. Walling stone can also be used for facing concrete block walls.

Cut Stone

The stone is supplied in 4″ and 6″ bed sizes and rustic or grey cut faces. The stone is used for facing buildings and walls were cavities are required.

Cut Stone Offcuts

These are offcuts from the cut stone and can be used for various jobs built using cement.

Cut Stone Offcuts


This is a mix of stone sizes and is used for bases to buildings, tracks and hard standing areas.